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Useful links and resources

Sherri’s course updates:

Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing® and the Think Institute of Knowledge website

For research conducted into ThetaHealing®, visit

See what thoughts do to water! Check out “Water, Consciousness and Intent” by Dr. Emoto

Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD – bridging science, medicine and spirit

Lynne McTaggart – inspiring information about “the energy field” , visit

Robey Paxton – metaphysics and spirituality, download his book free

Quantum physics  - wonderfully inspiring information, and a film

I take my hat off to this guy!

Gary Craig, the founder of E.F.T., link to show the tapping points

Some very useful free self-help through tapping on u-tube

Lovely film and book, if you haven’t seen or read it yet!

Wonderfully inspiring lady! The power of intention and affirmations

A good insight to the life between lives and the work of Michael Newton

Scientific research centre, US – the power of the heart!

A very interesting lady who does channelling

Exceptional reading and many books to choose from, Gill Edwards

Psychic children, by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Spiritual women’s group, worldwide

A good beginner’s guide to quantum physics, the law of attraction

See Gregg Braden’s work bridging  science and ancient wisdom, also some amazing u-tube clips

Susan Miller’s astrology goes beyond the usual readings!  

Daniel Monti, the effects of thought on the body, look for it on www.u-tube

Candace Pert PhD, about emotional receptors on every cell of the body

Chris Griscom runs The Light Institute US, inspiring stuff too

Jill Larking does beautiful aurographs, runs drumming workshops across Kent and is a trance medium healer



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