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What some of Sherri’s ThetaHealing® students have to say:

Sherri is amazing!!! Thank you!
M. Canterbury


Dear Sherri, just to say a heartfelt thank you for putting on such fabulous courses, and for being so professional teaching us all so clearly, carefully and well - being patient with us and dealing tactfully with all our 'stuff' (not easy) and giving those who needed it (i.e. me) an occasional helping hand when we got stuck! You are such a brilliant practitioner that it all goes so smoothly one doesn't realise how much there is going on underneath! I feel priviledged to see it all from the 'inside' now and how amazing it all is. You accomodated us all very easily and comfortably. So, all in all, for me an amazing and life-changing couple of weekends. Very very many thanks for all you've done. All love x                    
2014 C.H. Somerset


"Just as the flower thanks the sun for helping it grow, so I thank YOU for your own special WONDERFULNESS! Thank you for allowing me to do this course (Basic), I really appreciate your kindness."                                                                                            
2014 JB. Brighton


"Thank you Sherri for being such a star and for introducing me to Theta Healing. Your teaching is outstanding and your enthusiasm infectious! With love and light."
2012 P. London


Very clear and concise, well-paced course!! Sherri is very hospitable and welcoming!
2014 E.H. Somerset

“I recently attended basic Theta course with Sherri, and it was one of the best courses I have ever done, not only because the information is so incredible but because Sherri made it so simple, and made us all feel really good about ourselves over the 3 days, and really encouraged us, which made learning easy. I have attended many courses over the past few years and I have to say Sherri is an excellent teacher, very easy to be around, very humble and warm and inviting. Sherri also has a great sense of humour which for me is very important in someone I am learning from. Thank you Sherri, I can’t wait for the next level!”                2010 J.S. Essex

“I ventured onto this ThetaHealing course, not really knowing what to expect, only armed with the little knowledge I had from my own personal sessions of ThetaHealing, not really knowing if indeed this would be the right course for me. Once we started, Sherri introduced us to the 5 frequencies of brainwaves and explained how the theta state is achieved. She introduced some meditations to get us practising visualisation techniques and to connect us to the Creator of all that is. It would be from this plane that we would be co-creating the healing......Sherri gently guided us through the process each time and supported us which made me feel totally at ease. I was amazed at what I saw and achieved!...she walked us through the processes of belief work and feeling work in her very calm and gentile manner...praising any work we did...and the more subject matters we covered the more ‘connected’ I began to really lifted my soul...
The entire 3 days was such an amazing journey for me, I really didn’t want it to end. And Sherri is such a good teacher, very patient and understanding and taught me ThetaHealing in a way that was so easy to understand! By the end of the 3 days I left feeling I had the confidence to go off and use this on myself, and on my friends... I’ll definitely be going back to Sherri for further training in the future!”

S.B. Chatham, Kent

What some of Sherri's clients have to say:

"Sherri I can't thank you enough for the session. I feel like myself again! You put into words everything that I knew was there but I found too painful to accept. I was so drained I couldn't do anything for myself at that time... Thank you so much for being there when I really needed someone. I never let anyone else work on me but you are special." Anon


“I began my first Theta Healing session deeply sceptical that it could help me. I ended it smiling, happy and lighter than I had felt in years. Sometimes it’s great to be wrong! Thank you Sherri.”  

G.C. Brighton, Sussex

“Thank-you for all your amazing ‘ThetaHealing’ help over the year – you have transformed us all! Much love and blessings Sherri!”

J.S. Canterbury, Kent

“Thank you for all you have done for my son and myself. I am deeply grateful for the care and time you have spent helping us. I look forward to being your ThetaHealing student in the new year.”

E.S. Canterbury, Kent

“Thank you for the healing you witnessed Sherri, I am ‘enjoying’ doing ThetaHealing now!”

J. New Delhi, India


“I have experienced other alternative therapies but was very new to Theta Healing. Not sure what to expect I discussed with Sherri my emotions of emptiness, loneliness and a feeling of being lost.  After only two phone sessions I felt different and after a couple of days I no longer have a longing that something is missing in my life.  I don’t know how it works but a BIG Thanks to Sherri - I am now enjoying what I have in life and not focusing on what I don’t have.” 

A.D. Birmingham

“I was curious after Sherri’s demo... so I came along to do some and my chronic backache I’d had for 10 years just went completely after the 2nd session. It was a huge relief and now (one year later) I would, and I do recommend trying this stuff.”   

Steve (Aftercare mentor for alcohol/drug addiction), Canterbury, Kent

“Since meeting and being gently guided by Sherri, my general day to day outlook on life and towards people has dramatically improved. I stay calmer for much longer and have sensed an inner peace I didn’t know possible. The tapping method has changed my life in a positive way. Sherri is a wonderful, gifted teacher. I thank her from the heart for helping me change.”

L.A. Faversham, Kent


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